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About Us

The Coyote Story is THE Story of the History of River Boating in Western Canada


Rob Chrunyk  owner and operator of Coyote Manufacturing Ltd. grew up with Jet Boats in his blood.  Robs father Fred Chrunyk was one of the best-known pioneers of the jet boat sport.  Fred first started by building and running his own jet boats in the late 1960's, then moved onto designing and building recreational aluminum and steel jet boats.


Fred first started competing in river racing in 1973 and campaigned many famous boats under the Coyote Logo, until his retirement from the sport in the early 1990's.  Rob's latest venture in the boat industry is to carry on the Coyote name in honor of his father's legacy.


Rob with the help of his father began competing in river racing in 1982 and became the youngest person to win the world jet boat racing title at the age of 23.


In 1987 Rob along with partner Alex Millar started Outlaw Marine in Alberta.


In 1993 Rob went on his own and started Eagle Power Boats which many year later was merged with Harber Craft Boats.


In 2009 Rob along with Mike Sinclair, a long-time employee with Outlaw Marine, Eagle Power Boats and Harber Craft started Bratt Jet.


In the fall of 2016 Coyote Manufacturing Ltd. was formed with the same uncomprimising commitment to quality and innovation/traits which have led over the past 3 decades, to the fact that the vast majority of all competitive River Race Hulls are "Chrunyk" designs.


While the main focus of the company will always be family, recreational, pleasure and work boats, lessons learned from decades of designing and buidling race boats are incorporated into every new Coyote.


Located in Parson, British Columbia

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